Our work on “algorithm auditing” (a phrase coined by our lab) has been recommended by the Obama White House 2016 report on Big Data and Discrimination as one of five research strategies that are essential to the future development of big data technologies in the United States.



Algorithm Auditing (very short overview, white paper, web site) — Investigating hidden digital media curation and ranking from the outside.

Digital Futures (project web site) — An event series dedicated to understanding the future of digital media.

Corrupt Personalization — A forthcoming book project.



The RED Project (journal article, screenshots) — Rendering Electromagnetic Distributions (RED) for the purposes of public policy.

Digital Research Confidential (first chapterbook page at MIT Press) — Advancing research methods for studying online behavior.

FeedVis (demo, study #1, study #2) — Auditing Facebook’s news feed curation algorithm.

MapWatch (research study) — Detecting and monitoring the personalization of international borders on Google Maps and Bing Maps.


For more, try: Christian Sandvig’s publications page.