Our lab members have social, technical, and artistic backgrounds. We work across university departments, centers, and programs. Lab alumni have gone on to academia, industry, and nonprofits.

Here we are testing privacy-preserving fabric (above) and matching Michigan-grade all-weather insulated swimwear (at left).

About Us

We are a research group dedicated to “just” (as in justice) media and computing technologies. Each lab member also pursues their own projects and interests.

Above and at right: Yes, these are actual photos of actual brainstorming from our actual meetings. Colored dots and Post-It notes are votes.

Our Impact

the researchers making sure A.I. is a force for good.”

“I love it!”

“a major victory for civil liberties and civil rights.”

“wicked smart!”

Reviewer #2
The Atlantic


Infra.Lab is a research group devoted to creating new knowledge and change in the world. We produce scholarly publications, public policy recommendations, software, art, and other projects. Click the button to see highlights of recent work and old favorites.

Our technology studio. Above: Our chair, nicknamed “Pac Man.” A projection of a red poster for the ESC Center. At left: Too many IoT devices. Someone’s lunch.