This page lists our current members as well as our alumni with placements. Consider joining us.


Christian Sandvig, Information, Communication, and Media (Algorithmic Auditing, Infrastructure Studies)


Johnny Cash VI


Yuchen Chen: Communication and Media (Science and Technology Studies, Algorithmic Culture)

Gabriel Grill, Information (Critical Studies of Algorithms; Data, Surveillance and Infrastructure; Science & Technology Studies; Sociology of Risk, Time and Welfare)

Megan Rim, American Culture (Race and Technology, Algorithmic Surveillance, Women of Color Feminisms, Feminist STS, Digital Studies)


(Listed with past research topic, graduate degree if known, and last known placement.)

Nazanin Andalibi, Ph.D. Information Studies (Social Media, Well-Being, Marginalized Populations, Ethics+Algorithms), University of Michigan

Cheol Gi Bae, Ph.D. Communication (Telecommunications Policy), Korea Telecom

David Brandon, Ph.D. Communication (Bioinformatics), University of Illinois

Robin Brewer, Ph.D. Technology & Social Behavior (Accessibility, Equity, Participation in Online Communities), University of Michigan

Ajaay Chandrasekaran, M.Eng. Electrical and Computer Engineering (Autonomous Vehicles), Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Li Cornfeld, Ph.D. Communication Studies (Media Industries Studies, Promotional Culture, Feminist Studies), Mount Holyoke College

Matt Crain, Ph.D. Communication (Critical Media Studies & Public Policy), Miami University

Ryan Croke, M.A. Communication (Disability and Telecommunications), University of Illinois, Springfield

Anamaria Cuza, B.S. Computer Science (Algorithmic bias, Ethical AI), Northwestern Mutual

Rivka Daar B.A. Speech Communication (Organizational Communication & New Media), Goldman Sachs

Kelly Delahanty B.F.A. New Media (New Media Art & Design), National Center for Supercomputer Applications

Curtis Fenner B.S.E. Computer Science (Telepresence and Human-Computer Interaction), Square

Elisabetta Ferrari, Ph.D. Communication (Activism, Social Movements, and Digital Media Technology), University of Glasgow

Maya Fitzstephens, B.S./B.A. Economics & Communication Studies (Algorithm Auditing), New York Road Runners

Allegra Fonda-Bonardi, Information (Sustainability, Information Architecture, Public Policy & Investment)

Oliver Haimson, Ph.D. Information and Computer Science (Social Media, Life Transitions, Online Identity), University of Michigan

Jennifer Hsieh, Ph.D. Anthropology (Sound Studies), University of Michigan

Lindsay Hinkle, M.A. Communication(Psychology, Communication, & Gender), State Farm Insurance

Cole Howe, B.S. Computer Science (Algorithm Auditing)

Julie Hui, Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering (Communities, Help Seeking, Learning Sciences, Development), University of Michigan

Whitney Hutchinson, J.D. (Law), Borkan & Scahill

Jennifer Ihm, Ph.D. Media, Technology, & Society (Social Network Analysis), Kwangwoon University

Chimmuanya Iheanyi-Igwe, B.S. Computer Science (Algorithm Auditing), Microsoft

Emily Kessler, B.S. Computer Science (Telepresence and Human-Computer Interaction), Microsoft

Youngrim Kim, Ph.D. Communication and Media (Digital Studies, Science and Technology Studies, Technologies of Governance, Global Digital Cultures), Rutgers University

James Kinzer, J.D. (Law), CDK Global

Jeff Kolar, B.F.A. New Media (New Media & Studio Art), Independent Artist

Andrew Lambert, B.A. User Experience Research & Design (UX Design), Electronic Arts

Dave Luetger, B.A. Sociology (UX Design), NASA Ames

Elizabeth Lyon, M.S. Geography (Geographic Information Systems), National Geospatial Intelligence Agency

Megh Marathe, Ph.D. Information (Disability Studies, Science & Technology Studies, e-governance), Michigan State University

Danny Meyerend, Ph.D. Communication and Media (Digital Studies, African-American Studies, Algorithmic Culture, Race and Media), The Sound

Tsz Lam (Natalie) Ngai, Ph.D. Communication and Media (Feminist Media Studies, Cuteness), Loyola Marymount University 

Jean-Christophe Plantin, Ph.D. Communication Studies & Information Science (Big Data Infrastructures), London School of Economics & Political Science

Siddhartha Raja, Ph.D. Communication (Telecommunications Policy & Regulation), The World Bank

Divya Ramesh, Computer Science & Engineering (AI Ethics)

Julia Raz, Ph.D. Communication Studies (Gender and Gaming), East Los Angeles College

Colin Rhinesmith, Ph.D. Library & Information Science (Digital Inclusion & Broadband Adoption), Metropolitan New York Library Council

Aimee Rickman, Ph.D. Human & Community Development (New Media & Adolescence), California State University Fresno

Jon Riley, Information (Urban Planning and Technology Policy)

Max Rodriguez, M.A. Communication (Media Policy), Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

Oluwadamilola Sado, B.S. Cognitive Science & Computer Science (Algorithmic Auditing), Capgemini

Emily Shaw, M.S. Library & Information Science (Digital Archives & Preservation), Obama Foundation

Ryan Spain, B.A. Political Science & Communication (Communication & Public Policy), OSF HealthCare

Amanda Stanhaus, Ph.D. Public Health (Privacy and Health Policy), Accenture

Darren Stevenson, Ph.D. Communication Studies (Programmatic / Algorithmic Digital Advertising), DataRobot

Penny Trieu, Ph.D. Information (Social Media, Identity, and Relationships), VMWare

Jana Wilbricht, Ph.D. Communication & Media (Infrastructure Studies, Rural Broadband, Community Radio, Health Equity), University of Bergen

Matt Wondra, B.S. Computer Science (Computer Science), Apartment Therapy

Nick Wondra, B.S. Computer Science & Engineering Physics (Computer Science), CloudFlare

Matt Yapchaian, M.F.A. New Media (Design Research, UX Research), Uber

Shinjoung Yeo, Ph.D. Library & Information Science (Information Policy), Queens College

Pu (Priscilla) Zhao, B.S./B.A. Mathematics, Communication & Media (Educational Data Science), Stanford University